Meet the Team
Jumaane Palmer is the master mind behind the UFlex Fit brand. Jumaane holds a bacherlors degree in Mechanical Engineering with minor in Mathematics. However, he chose to leave corporate America in 2011 to pursue his passion to help others.

Jumaane specializes in weight loss, student athletic training, and special populations groups. He's been featured on CNN, HLN, Huff Post for his fitness expertise and specialty in working with cancer patients.

In addition, he is also the founder of the UFlex Cancer Foundation , a non-profit whose vision is to improve the overal quality of life in cancer patients through cancer specific fitness training, rehabilitative therapy, and effective holistic prevention programs.

Jumaane Palmer

Owner/Head Trainer

Valenicia specialty is in Classical Yoga. In addition to Classical Yoga, Valencia teaches Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Yin/Gentle Yoga for all levels.  Her classes are designed to improve flexibility, balance and strength.  Valencia encourage students to listen to their bodies, and to honor wherever they are on any given day. Focus is on safety via proper alignment, breath awareness, and feeling a pose in your body rather than achieving some idea of a “perfect pose”.  Valencia received her certification from Kashi Atlanta Urban Yoga Ashram, July 2012.   

Valencia Ramos

Yoga instructor

Emily Rendini is a self defense and fitness coach with 14 years of martial arts training. She holds a third degree black belt in taekwondo and cross trains with kickboxing and weight lifting.   

Emily Rendini

Self Defense Instructor