Our Classes
  1. WTH
    Come experience the awesome training style of one of Atlanta's best trainers. Be prepared for an intense heart throbbing workout that will literally make you say WTH!
  2. YOGA
    Yoga is an excellent way to relieve stress. Right now we are offering a Beginner Yoga 101 class for those looking to get into Yoga.
  3. Summer Time Fine Fit Camp
    Summer Time Fine Fit Camp
    Summer Time Fine Fit Camp is an intense full body workout that changes every week. Be prepared to work hard, sweat, and maybe say a few choice words.
  4. Hot Azz Abs
    Hot Azz Abs
    You've heard of hot yoga. Now come experience the benefits of our hot azz abs class. We're cranking the temperature up and busting out 750+ reps of abs and loads of sweat in only 30 minutes. Are you ready?
  5. Women's Self Defense
    Women's Self Defense
    Women's Self Defense is a 5 week seminar to empower women to protect and defend themselves when faced with danger. This seminar involves a physical, emotional and psychological enriching self-defense system designed for women of all age. We implement real-life scenarios in our training to better prepare our women against the dangers of society. First 5 week seminar starts July 29th!
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